Organic Eggs – Factory vs Farm

Do you ever wonder what the difference between all the different organic eggs are?  Why are some $3 and others $6?  Here is an informative, short video about organic eggs: Youtube: Pastured Eggs

Are you now confused about which eggs to buy? Here is an Organic Egg Scorecard, so you know which eggs are best to buy: Organic Egg Scorecard

I personally am a fan of Organic Pastures, they sell them at Lakeshore Farmer’s market (and a few others, go to their website and look at their schedule), but get there early because they sell out quick! There are also many other farmers that sell pastured eggs at Farmer’s Market, but make sure to ask if they are fed organic feed and if they are pastured raised.

At the store I’ll buy Alexandre Kids and Vital Farms. They sell those at Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl and Farmer Joe’s and many other supermarkets (click the links to find out where).