Can You Find The Real Butter?


I was shopping today in Washington D.C., trying to buy butter.  I have my go to brands back home, so I don’t usually look at the ingredients in butter.  I was intrigued and decided to also look at the light butter and butter substitutes.  Surprisingly out of all these choices, only:

  • 1 was organic with cream and salt
  • 1 was organic with cream and lactic acid
  • 2 had cream and natural flavoring**
  • 2 had cream and salt
  • 0 had sea salt
  • 0 were from pastured or grass-fed cows
  • 0 were from raw milk

The other ~52 butter and butter substitutes had multiple ingredients, I didn’t even know what some of them were.  When buying butter look at the ingredients (this goes for all food), even thought it says butter, it may not actually be just butter.  Depending on where you live and shop, the ‘real butter’ choices will vary.

In case you are wondering what I ended up getting, I picked the organic butter with salt (my 2nd choice would be organic with lactic acid* and 3rd cream and salt).  BUT, I put it back after I found Kerry Gold Unsalted Grass Fed Butter (cultured pasteurized cream) in the cheese section.

In short, buy butter with the least amount of ingredients (cream or cream and sea salt), organic and grass-fed preferred.


*Was okay with the lactic acid, did not say: ‘Ingredients not found in regular butter’ for that specific ingredient.  I am not sure whether the lactic acid was naturally or commercially produced, that is why it is my 2nd choice.

**Are you wondering why I didn’t choose cream with natural flavoring?  Why would you need natural flavoring for butter?  What is natural flavoring anyway?  They are a man-made additive that gives processed food its taste.  More to come on that subject…